Makeup packages

Fantasy makeup for a brand new look and a whole lot of fun! 


Face painting by itself

The level of detail depends on the time available and the number of persons to be painted.

1½ Hours = $200*
2 Hours = $275
$50 for each additional 30 minutes thereafter

* Available only for small gatherings (10 or less) in the Madison area.


A combination of face painting and bling art

The level of detail depends on the time available and the number of persons to be painted, but no matter how simple. The combination of bling and paint is astonishing!

1 ½ Hours = $275
2 Hours = $350
$75 per each additional 30 minutes thereafter


Bling art and festival glitters

Bling art combines festival glitter and glitter powders (no paint is involved). This option is less time consuming and involves less physical contact. It also tends to last longer on the skin. When carefully removed, handled with care and properly stored, these pieces can be used again. Both delivery or pick-up options are available. These pieces can be custom-made to fit the party theme of your small group celebration.

1 ½ Hours = $275
2 Hours = $350
$75 per each additional 30 minutes thereafter

Bling and Beyond

Face painting, bling art, glitters and headpieces.

Bling & Beyond is the name of our newest line of products, here you have it all – a combination of bling, glitters and face painting, plus a headpiece that matches the theme for a photo opportunities and memories that will last forever. Among the many headpieces available for both kids and adults we have: leaves, snow queen, flowers, pumpkins, spiders, bats, feathers, stars, unicorn, butterflies, mermaid, fairy, bees, and the Day of the Dead. Headpieces and crowns are made available to complement the face painting/bling art, and are solely for the purpose of taking pictures.

You have the option of only bling with glitter and the crown with no face paint. This option is great for bigger crowds, as it saves time, as well as for people with sensitive skin and special needs kids who are not fans of face painting for fancy adult gatherings. (In this case, the cost will be the same as the Deluxe Package above.)

1 ½ hours = $300
2 hours = $375
$75 for each additional 30 minutes thereafter

Belly or body painting

Some pregnant women will enjoy the lifelong memory that comes with having their bellies painted by a professional. This can be done as a private session, or as a fun addition to their baby shower.

For a group of pregnant women, the cost is the same as the Basic Package above, keeping in mind that it may take longer to paint a belly than a face.

Besides being beautiful and sometimes better than face painting, body painting is a great option for those with sensitive skin and for special-needs people with sensory integration issues. 

Bride painting

Bride body painting is something new and gorgeous! It is usually done as a private session. The most typical theme involves roses and butterflies using what we face painters call the ghost technique, a method that simulates lace. Glitter and silvery or pearly jewels can be added to the design. Of course, we can also do fancy face and/or body painting at weddings for kids and adults. The price is the same as the Basic Package above.

Below are some helpful documents to provide you more information regarding your Fantasy Makeup experience. The information is provided in both English and Spanish. Please let us know if you have any questions.